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What is Mi Community?
Mi Community is our official community forum, the ultimate playground for our Mi Fans to hang out together. It’s where we’ll share the latest news and happenings about Xiaomi in India. All official product launch announcements, sales updates, event registrations, press releases, and other news and conversations relating to Mi India will also be published on this platform. More importantly, this is where we can interact with our hardcore fans like you!

Why do we need Mi Community?
At Xiaomi, we put our fans first. It’s an incredibly important part of our company’s culture to listen and chat with our fans, so we built a home just for you! Make yourselves comfortable, meet new friends, join events, share your photos, reviews and most importantly — have fun!!! :)

What is the difference between MIUI Forum and Mi Community?

We know that some of you have also been hanging out on the Global MIUI Forum and that’s great! We’ve gotten so many requests for a dedicated space JUST for our Indian Mi Fans. That’s why we created Mi Community; it’s our very first home for Mi Fans in India to talk about anything under the sun. Feel free to share your wackiest selfie taken with your Redmi Note 3, the number of steps you clocked in a day on your Mi Band, how many times you can unlock Mi 5 using the fingerprint sensor in a minute, and pretty much anything else. I can’t wait to see what insanely creative stuff you’ll be posting!

Why should I be a Mi Community member?
This a no-brainer! Besides getting access to first-hand information about Xiaomi in India, you can enjoy very exclusive perks based on your status rankings and contributions to Mi Community. These include VIP invitations to our launch events, parties, visits to our Xiaomi headquarters, priority access to new products, holiday gifts and many more. It’s a win win win win (times infinity) situation, no? ;)

Now who’s ready to rock and roll with Mi?
Welcome to Mi Community!

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